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The property is fenced with stone walls more than a meter tall which encompass 75% of the property. On the internal fencing of the property there is reinforced barbed wire with serrated cut oak posts. It is divided in sixteen sections including the agricultural zones and has water tanks in four sections receiving water through new underground PVC pipes, which obtain water from the main water stream. It has a panoramic lagoon of 2 parcels with an islet that enters through the center/two reservoirs of and parcels built for irrigation and the production of shrimp, tilapia and guapote. It has a (10 X 3 meter) sealed well of purified water, an open well (9 meters deep) and a deep artesian well. It has two fountains of constant water that spouts 4 inches of water during summer and winter. On one of the fountains, a principal tank was built that delivers water via underground PVC pipes with a 2.5 wide opening through a distance of approximately 2 kilometers; toward the lagoon, the reservoirs and different parts of the property. A rustic sugar plantation for oxen and two parcels of sweet cane/also approximately 6 parcels of cane for cattle. Taiwan and Nieper. It contains a beautiful forest of 50 parcels with two hills on both sides and a stream in the middle that has flowing water summer and winter, with an access trail for the construction of cabins and restaurant. An entrance road of 10 X 350 meters built of gravel; it also has accessible trails along the length of the property for different signs.


180.0 Flat Parcels/ 100 Parcels of forest and close to 180 parcels of low hills.



PID: 66498289 - Active
  • Price: $2,820,000 - Rental: $0
  • Location:Esteli
  • Beds:
  • Baths:
  • Sleeps:
  • Closed Area:
  • Open Area:
  • Total Area: 772.80 Acres
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